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Are you and your children frustrated with the old materialistic mind-set that is being presented as the only authentic educational world-view by the state mandated curriculum of the Public School System? Are you tired of the scare tactics still used in many schools today that frighten and threaten children into lemming-like submission and non-questioning conformity and compliance? The ever increasingly precarious state of our post 9/11 world is demanding that we find the courage to liberate BOTH our hard working students and our highly dedicated teachers from all forms of bondage to outdated systems of control and manipulation that are no longer working, and do not successfully prepare children for a real experience of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"?

Excerpt from Chapter Ten of UTC: We stand at an extraordinary crossroads in education. Many of us sense intuitively, that the time has come to free our children from the imprisoning paradigms of the past.  The increasingly chaotic state of the world today is revealing clearly that we have not been doing a very good job at educating ourselves or our children. Terrorizing the younger generation into absolute submission hasn't worked. In fact, it has created a generation of zombied out slaves who can't seem to find happiness, no matter how hard they work, or how many electronic toys they buy. And yet, even as they press their remote controls and search their video screens for some flickering scraps of happiness, the knowledge that would set them free is right at their fingertips. Enter Uncle Tom's Classroom.

Uncle Tom's Classroom - How One Public School Teacher Awakened His Students to the Cosmic Super Self Within is a true story that takes an unvarnished look at the limitations of the old public school system and then offers an extraordinary, practical and proven series of extraordinary solutions. UTC chronicles how Thomas Alan Berg created a new, totally "out of the box" approach to education, based on synthesizing the educational ideals of the American Constitution, the latest discoveries of Quantum Physics, the esoteric theories of metaphysics, the thrilling epiphanies of spiritual revelation, the highest values of ethics, the healing breakthroughs of transpersonal depth psychology and the mounting evidence of multidimensionality and "sytems theory", into what he calls, the Cosmic Curriculum of the Super Self.

UTC brilliantly connects the fear-based, highly competitive, extremely dictatorial environments prevalent in many schools today to the "war on terror" and to the recent outbursts of rage and violence on our campuses, and then shows how this growing negativity can be overcome with a good strong dose of freedom, compassion, knowledge, self-exploration, cooperation and mutual respect in the classroom. UTC reveals all facets of Tom's thirty year educational adventure as he discovered and developed cutting-edge techniques to release the "imprisoned splendor", natural greatness and Cosmic Super Powers from within thousands of public school students. 

UTC's groundbreaking strategies grew out of Joseph Campbell's idea of giving youngsters the freedom to co-create their own self-directed "Projects of Bliss" and allowing them to search for the real meaning of their existence. Berg opened up the classroom conversation to give his students the freedom to actually discuss and debate the purpose and meaning of life - beyond the narrow-minded agendas of the “military industrial” complex - and his students loved it. Berg discovered that when young people are allowed - even encouraged - to discuss, research, study and debate the many philosophical, scientific, religious, economic, political and metaphysical theories about the meaning of their lives - IN the classroom - they begin to wake up from the propaganda of the materialisitc, overly competitive mind-set that dominates the school system. Once children are allowed to compare the many belief systems that control the world today - with the vast super intelligent depths of their own Inner Selfhood - it’s not long before they come to realize they are Cosmic Citizens with unlimited Super Powers of self-expression.

Tom's successes with his new Language of the Super Self in his beloved "Bergland by the Sea" at A.P. Giannini Middle School in San Francisco, are well chronicled in this book.Tom bravely incorporated the ancient, classical ideals of free speech, self-exploration, self-realization and full self-actualization BACK into the educational equation and his students’ test scores, happiness and personal achievement levels soared! UTC belongs in every Home and library in America because it offers a fresh new vision – a virtual quantum leap in understanding - as to how to reawaken from this government imposed “era of terror” - by liberating our children's minds and hearts from ALL the conceptual prisons of the past! UTC comes at just the right time in our history, with a multidimensional message that is optimistic and hopeful enough to offer America the courageous insight it needs to return to the destined greatness for which it was created!  UTC empowers children to find out for themselves, who they really are and why they have been born on Planet Earth at this pivotal point in history!

Order a copy of this stimulating read, and join the underground revolution of concerned "awakeners" who are dedicated to the full liberation of our beloved young people from the old, outmoded, unworkable paradigms of control.  UTC is replete with ideas that can help you set your children free to discover their own “bliss path”and awaken them to who they REALLY REALLY in the Grand Cosmic Scheme of Things! The basic tenet of Tom's Cosmic Curriculum is that we are ALL already in an ongoing co-creative educational relationship with the One Cosmic Consciousness that created the universe, a vast Multidimensional Teacher that is seeking to wake us up to WHO WE REALLY REALLY ARE - WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME to save our civilization from self-destruction. UTC offers clear, concise ideas for helping children make their next quantum leap - by learning how to become the Masters of the Quantum Field - that we were all created to become!  

"We owe it to ourselves, our country, out planet, our young people and especially to the One Vast Super Self of the Universe, to create an enlightened nation and an enlightened world that will finally - once and for all - be truly awake and FREE! We must accept full responsibility for the quality of life we choose to co-create here on Planet Earth, for we recoginze the future of our race depends on what we do today!"  TAB

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